Maidstone IDA Pharmacy has all of your medication needs. Bring your prescription in and we can have it ready for you in minutes. Or download our app to send us your prescription and we will have your medicine waiting for you when you arrive.
We work with all insurance plans and can work with you for payment options as well.
Give us a call at 519-737-7377 to see how we can save you money on your prescription medication.

Front Shop

Maidstone IDA Pharmacy sells a variety of products in our front shop that most customers use and need on a regular basis. Whether it is Hallmark Cards, vitamins, cough and cold products, pain relief or just some snacks that you are craving, come and see what we have!
Call us at 519-737-7377 to see if we have something that you need.

Free Delivery

No delivery is too small or too big for Maidstone IDA Pharmacy! If you aren’t feeling well to wait or if you have a regular prescription, we can drop it off for you.
Give us a call at 519-737-7377 to see how we can help you!